Recommended books:

Louviere, J. J., Hensher, D. A., Swait, D. J., 2000. Stated Choice Models: Analysis and Applications. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Hensher, D. A., Rose, J. M., Greene, W. H., 2005. Applied Choice Analysis. A Primer. Cambridge University Press, New York

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Workshops and trainings in the field of conjoint analysis:

Sawtooth Software - Choice Modeling Workshop (CBC, MaxDiff, and ACBC) - usually held in Europe and the United States of America every year --- some trainings available online at:

Sawtooth Software Conferene - yearly event at which academics and practitioners from several fields present papers and studies performed using conjoint analysis techniques

Online courses on conjoint analysis:

Greenacre, L. 2014. Predict Consumer Decisions with Choice-Based Conjoint. Available at:

Recommended software solutions:

A. Experimental design > Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS, Sawtooth Software Lighthouse Studio, Sawtooth Software Discover

B. Data collection >, Sawtooth Software online survey hosting

C. Data analysis and market simulations > Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS, STATA, Sawtooth Software Lighthouse Studio